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Connolly Orthodontics in Ballantyne & Matthews, NC

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Compassionate, unique, honest care: That's what you can expect at Connolly Orthodontics. We listen to your needs and goals and work with you to bring you the smile of your dreams. We want you to feel genuinely cared for every time you visit — because you are. You won't get cookie-cutter service here. At Connolly Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves to be treated like an individual, unique human.

Connolly Orthodontics

High-quality care; comfortable environment!

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You Deserve An Orthodontist Who Cares

The team at Connolly Orthodontics has been together a long time, so we know each other's skills and hearts. As Dr. Connolly says, "If I'm the architect, they are the builders, creating beautiful smiles and reshaping the lives of our patients."

You'll find an equal abundance of compassion and experience with the team here - from the orthodontist to our treatment coordinator to the assistants you'll see in our office. From your very first visit, you'll know that you're in great hands!

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Meet Dr. Connolly

Dr. Connolly is an orthodontist who cares about his patients, his teammates, and this incredible community. He wants you to be proud of your smile and to remember our practice as a place where you felt really cared for.

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Meet Our TeaM

The team at Connolly Orthodontics wants what you want — the best results possible. They know that means more than just adjusting braces. It also means giving you compassionate, personalized care with every visit.

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Faster Orthodontic Treatment

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Adult Orthodontics

It's never too late to get the smile of your dreams! Orthodontic treatment can happen at any age. Adult braces and Invisalign for adults can totally transform a patient's smile and self-confidence!

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Teen Orthodontics

Self-esteem is incredibly important for teenagers, and a beautiful smile can give your teen the confidence boost they need. Time and again, we see orthodontic treatment change the lives of our teenage patients!

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Early Orthodontics

The sooner orthodontic issues are addressed, the fewer problems your child will have with their teeth and smile. Dr. Connolly will let you know if your child is ready for braces or Invisalign and help you set your child on the right path to a healthy, beautiful smile.

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Exceptional Care

At Connolly Orthodontics, we value the little things that set us apart, things perhaps no patient would ever notice. We double- and triple-check your progress behind the scenes so we're certain you're getting the best care and treatment possible. We know the right, honest way to do orthodontic care, and we refuse to do anything less. 

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5 Star Orthodontics

Kim D.

"Dr. Connolly and his staff provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere with every visit. Our orthodontist takes the time to explain all of the details and best treatment for my daughters in a way that is easy to understand. My daughters enjoy going to their appointments, and I highly recommend for you to check them out and see if they are the right fit for you and your family. You will not be disappointed!"

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