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Putting Our Patients First

Building The Best Team

The team at Connolly Orthodontics has been together a long time, so we know each other's skills and hearts. If Dr. Connolly is the architect, his team members are the builders, creating beautiful smiles and reshaping patients' lives. You'll find an equal abundance of compassion and experience with the team here. From your first visit, you'll know that you're in great hands.

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More Than Just Orthodontics

At Connolly Orthodontics, we value the little things that set us apart, things perhaps no patient would ever notice. We double- and triple-check your progress behind the scenes so we're certain you're getting the best care and treatment possible. We know the right, honest way to do orthodontic care, and we refuse to do anything less. 

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Our Team

Our Careful Selection Process

Our team has grown as our practice has, and we're proud to have a team that has each other's backs and is on the same page. Our team members rely on each other's skills and expertise to give patients the best experience possible. Even our patients feel the camaraderie from our staff. Our cohesiveness allows us to focus on experience and results for our patients. 

A team that's here for you

The team at Connolly Orthodontics has the experience to be the second set of eyes for Dr. Connolly. That level of collaboration means our patients get the most honest, thorough, personalized care we can offer. We know that patients will have questions and concerns when they come to us, and we're happy to address all of them and reassure them with our knowledge and skills. Our team is always here for you!

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Connolly believes in providing honest care customized to you. He cares about your experience with Connolly Orthodontics as much as he cares about the results. He also cares about you. 

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