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Can You Eat Pizza with Braces?

By Connolly Orthodontics

When you have braces, paying extra attention to your diet is important. You want to avoid certain types of foods that can damage the braces or get stuck in them, leading to discomfort or even broken wires. 

How to Eat Pizza with Braces

Understandably, pizza is one of those foods that many people with braces dread giving up. But what if we told you that you can still enjoy your favorite slice of pizza even with braces? Here’s how.

1. Choose the Right Toppings

One of the most important things you can do when eating pizza with braces is to choose the right toppings. Avoid hard or crunchy toppings that can damage your braces, such as whole pieces of garlic, large chunks of meat or vegetables, or hard cheeses like parmesan. 

Instead, opt for softer toppings like cooked vegetables, sliced mushrooms, and grated mozzarella. Avoid toppings that are too greasy or oily, as they can make it harder to clean your teeth and braces properly.

2. Cut Your Pizza into Smaller Pieces

Another tip for eating pizza with braces is to cut your pizza into small pieces. This makes it easier to chew and swallow, reducing the risk of getting food stuck in your braces. 

Use a knife and fork to cut your pizza into bite-sized pieces, or ask the pizzeria to cut it for you before baking. You can also try using scissors to cut your pizza into small strips or squares if you prefer. If you want to enjoy pizza with braces, small bites are key.

3. Eat Slowly and Chew Thoroughly

When eating pizza with braces, be sure to take your time and savor each bite. Eating too quickly or not chewing your food thoroughly can lead to discomfort or damage to your braces. So make sure to chew each piece of pizza well and take small sips of water between bites to help wash away any food particles that may be stuck in your braces.

4. Brush and Floss Carefully Afterwards

After eating pizza with braces, it’s important to brush and floss carefully to remove any food particles that may be stuck in your braces or teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to gently brush your teeth and braces, paying extra attention to the places where your braces meet your teeth and where food is most likely to get stuck. Use floss or interdental brushes to clean between your teeth and around your braces.

Can I Eat Pizza With Braces?

The good news is you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods — you just might have to modify how you eat with braces. Eating pizza with braces may seem like a challenge, but we think it’s worth it. By choosing the right pizza toppings, cutting your pizza into smaller pieces, eating slowly and chewing thoroughly, and brushing and flossing carefully afterward, you can enjoy your favorite slice without rushing into Connolly Orthodontics for an emergency visit. 

Remember, if you have any concerns or questions about what to eat with braces, don’t hesitate to contact your Matthews orthodontist (yours truly!) for guidance. And if you’re curious about the Connolly family’s favorite pizza in Matthews, NC, we’ve got you covered there, too!

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