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Braces With Straight Teeth? Yes, to Help Your Bite!

By Connolly Orthodontics

It seems an odd question: Can you get braces even if your teeth are straight? You might be surprised to find that the answer is yes! Why? Because there is more to a perfect smile than just straight teeth. 

A misaligned bite causes problems with chewing, digestion, jaw pain, and headaches. Braces don’t just straighten your teeth. They can also align your bite properly. So even if you seem to have perfectly straight teeth, they may still be teeth that need braces. 

Can You Get Braces Even If Your Teeth Are Straight?

There’s no reason to get braces or Invisalign if you don’t need them. However, many people DO need braces but may not realize it. They think they don’t have crooked teeth, so braces aren’t necessary. Orthodontic problems may be harder to see than you may think. 

Teeth that appear straight may not be perfectly straight. While they might be straight in the front, the back teeth may not line up properly. So “straight teeth” may not be as straight as you think. An orthodontist like Dr. Connolly can determine whether you truly need orthodontic treatment. 

Braces also repair a person’s bite. What does that mean? A good “bite” is when your upper teeth line up properly with your lower teeth when your mouth is at rest. If your bite is misaligned, it can cost problems with oral health and overall health, from digestive problems to jaw pain. 

Can I Get Braces on the Bottom Teeth Only?

We don’t recommend it. Let’s say you get bottom teeth braces. Great! Once your bottom teeth are straight, you discover your top teeth aren’t as straight as you thought. You may also find that the bottom teeth don’t line up with the top teeth anymore. This means you have a bad bite.

People who get braces on the bottom teeth only eventually end up needing braces for the top teeth, too. We find it’s much better to do both the upper and lower teeth braces at the same time. Not only does it save on treatment time and cost, but it also eliminates the discomfort associated with a newly misaligned bite. 

How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth?

On average, traditional braces or clear braces take 12-24 months to fix your teeth, and Invisalign usually takes 9-15 months. That’s assuming we’re making a lot of repairs. If your teeth are relatively straight and you’re just fixing your bite, your treatment time may be much shorter! 

Treatment times vary from patient to patient. Braces with straight teeth mean you could be looking at as little as nine months for treatment. For Invisalign treatment, it could be as little as six months. We can narrow it down during your free, no-obligation first consultation. 

How Do I Know Whether I Need Braces?

Can you get braces even if your teeth are “fine?” Yes, if you have orthodontic issues you may not realize you have. Braces or Invisalign can correct these “hidden” issues. Here are some dental issues you can fix with braces: 

  • Overbite: An overbite is when the upper teeth sit forward of the lower teeth in the front. It’s natural for the upper teeth to be slightly in front of the lower teeth, but if there is a large gap, that is an overbite. This can lead to bite issues and, eventually, jaw pain.
  • Crossbite: A crossbite is when the upper back teeth sit inside the back lower teeth. A crossbite also happens if a single upper tooth sits behind the lower tooth. A crossbite can cause jaw pain, excessive tooth wear, and chewing problems. 
  • Underbite: The bottom teeth sit in front of the top teeth in the front. An underbite can cause bite and chew problems, jaw pain, and breathing issues. 
  • Gap teeth: Your teeth should sit flush with one another and not have large gaps. Food gets stuck easily and causes faster tooth decay.
  • Crowded teeth: Teeth come in crooked if they don’t have enough room to erupt. This can cause biting and chewing problems, as well as self-esteem issues. 

You can treat all of these issues with metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. Connolly Orthodontics can spot these issues and let you know whether it’s time for you to consider getting braces. 

Braces for Straight Teeth

There is no need to get braces if you don’t need braces. That said, about 45 percent of the population is thought to benefit from braces. People with “straight” teeth may have underlying issues. 

If you think this might be the case for you, then the best way to figure it all out is to see a trusted orthodontist. If you are in Matthews, NC, or Ballantyne, NC, start with a free consultation by booking an appointment at Connolly Orthodontics. Let us examine your teeth and your bite, and we will tell you whether braces are right for you. 

If you need braces or Invisalign, Connolly Orthodontics can help you get the treatment you need and get a completely straight smile.

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